While 90 Day Fiancé’s Nicole Nafziger appears ready to focus on herself and her young daughter, fans are excited to learn more about her new life.
Earlier this summer 90 Day Fiancé star Nicole Nafziger was unexpectedly sighted back at her old job as a barista in her hometown of Bradenton, Florida. Fans were hopeful that the sighting meant Nicole was finally getting her life back together post-Azan.
Viewers first met Nicole on season 5 of the reality series when she flew to Morocco to meet Azan Tefou, her online love. Nicole and her now ex-fiancé, Azan, went on to star in season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? together as well. Nicole has grown up a lot since her television debut. She has matured in many ways, learning from her past mistakes and naivety. While Nicole appears ready to focus on bettering herself and providing for her young daughter, fans are excited to learn more about her new life.
Nicole was born and raised in Bradenton, a beachfront city along the Gulf of Mexico on Florida's western coast. The city is home to historical monuments, national parks, fishing and boating, museums, and a vibrant arts scene.
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Nicole isn't the only 90 Day cast member hailing from Florida. Loren Brovarnik is also from the Sunshine State and currently lives in Fort Lauderdale with her husband and children. Elizabeth Potthast and her family live in Tampa and, until he moved to Mexico to be with Armando, Kenny Niedermeier lived in St. Petersburg–both Tampa and St. Petersburg are neighboring cities of Bradenton.
Nicole easily has one of the most supportive 90 Day families. She often leaned on her mother and stepfather for support while navigating her drama-filled relationship with Azan. Her mother and sisters regularly help take care of May while Nicole works, as they did when she visited Azan in Morocco.
Nicole also often features her nieces and her younger brother, who recently joined the Marines, on her social media pages. In addition, she's been working on mending her relationship with her father, who has been in and out of jail over the past few years.
Nicole has a 7-year-old daughter named May from a previous relationship. Nicole is a single mother, as May's father doesn't appear to be in the picture. However, fans have criticized her parenting skills, some even placing her amongst the worst 90 Day parents in the franchise.
Viewers were critical of Nicole when she left her daughter with family members for months at a time while she traveled to Morocco. That being said, viewers were also critical when she brought her daughter to Morocco with her. Nicole seems to be a loving mother who works hard to provide for her daughter.
Like many 90 Day cast members, Nicole and Azan met on a dating app. When she first visited him in Morocco, she experienced many instances of culture shock. After they became engaged, fans wondered if Nicole, who was raised Christian, might convert to Islam.
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However, according to Nicole, who answered that very question during a Q&A session on Instagram, she never planned to convert– even though Azan and his family were all followers of Islam. Nicole responded, "We made it very clear to each other in the beginning that we would respect each other's religion and not ask the other to convert."
After 5 years together, and many ups and downs, Nicole and Azan called it quits. The couple tried, unsuccessfully, to obtain a K-1 visa for Azan several times. Nicole was constantly working to pay for the visa process and visits to Morocco, all while sending Azan large sums of money.
Nicole and Azan frustrated viewers as many aspects of their relationship appeared fake. The couple's engagement suffered irreparably from cheating allegations as well as rumors that Azan was married to and had children with a Moroccan woman while he was with Nicole.
Many cast members quit their day jobs to pursue fame, while others never had day jobs, to begin with. Nicole, on the other hand, is among a small handful of 90 Day stars who make a living working regular jobs.
Nicole has worked as a barista for Starbucks on and off since before she was first featured on the reality show. She often makes Starbucks appreciation posts on Instagram and considers her team members to be family. She even recently attended one team member's wedding.
Nicole has a huge fan base on Instagram. The reality star boasts nearly 700k followers and, like many cast members, has become an influencer. She is a brand ambassador for several products, including Teami wellness supplements, Fab Fit Fun subscription boxes, and a weight loss supplement called Boom Bod, among others.
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Nicole has been accused of manipulating fans by posting misleading images and captions about herself and fellow 90 Day stars. She's posted fake ultrasounds with her name on them and, on more than one occasion, she's posted content suggesting that other cast members were hurt or even near death–when in reality they were unharmed. Thankfully, Nicole appears to have stopped posting the shocking clickbait.
Nicole posted a major life update on Instagram last year in which she announced that she'd enrolled in college at the State College of Florida and was working on the prerequisites she needed to enter the school's Radiology program.
She admitted that "it has been a challenge going back to school after so long." But she insisted she's "determined to make a better life" for herself and her daughter. Nicole didn't mention many details regarding her decision, but SCF has a campus in her hometown of Bradenton, so it's likely convenient for her to get to class while still honoring her commitments to both her daughter and her job.
Nicole is an avid gamer. She and Azan enjoyed competing online with each other and her daughter, May, has picked up the hobby as well. In 2020 Nicole began gaming full-time on the popular platform Twitch. She even said she wanted to create an all-female gaming channel.
Nicole isn't the first 90 Day star with an unexpected business. She's not even the first to go into Twitch gaming. Both Larissa Lima and Pedro Jimeno are vocal about their love of gaming and have profited from their time on the platform.
Nicole was born on December 6th and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. According to Astrology.com, Sagittarius signs are wanderers who learn and grow throughout their adventures. This certainly sounds like Nicole, who traveled around the world in search of love and came back wiser and more level-headed than when she left.
The website also explains that Sagittarius people want "to know the meaning of life…while feeling free and easy." Nicole may not have approached her relationship with Azan in the easiest way possible, but now, with everything she's learned, she's equipped herself with the strength and knowledge she needs to do things better next time.
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