TULSA, Okla. — Inside the Martin Regional Library, visitors will find the Hispanic Resources Center.
“You walk into a public library and you can check out books free of charge and laptops, computers free of charge, and so it gives access to those that might not have it at home,” said Amairani Perez. “And then here at the Resource Center, all of the materials are in Spanish, which means that if maybe somebody wants to read a book in their native language they can.”
Among the selection of Spanish language books and movies, there are bilingual storytimes for children learning Spanish and English. There’s also a large playroom to help occupy kids while their parents use computers or browse.
“When I first got here to Tulsa I didn’t speak English just yet,” Perez said. “And this was actually one of the first places I came that allowed me to feel welcome.”
Perez now welcomes others into the Hispanic Resource Center.
“Back in 1999 was when the center was first founded, Sarah Martinez was the coordinator. She grew up knowing me and now I get to kind of lead the next step for the resource center. So I feel very honored to have that role and it’s amazing getting to work here at the library.”
Perez said she thinks the center does more than just provide Spanish language materials, it also helps connect Spanish speakers to their new community.
The Hispanic Resource Center celebrates Hispanic culture all year long, and during Hispanic Heritage Month, the Tulsa City-County Library System is holding several special events.
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