SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Sioux City is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with a brand new mural on West 7th Street.
The mural, located at 809 West 7th Street, is being painted by Mexican artist David Manzanares. He grew up in Oaxaca, Mexico before moving to Omaha about 5 years ago.
After starting as a sculptor, David began painting around 8 years ago. He’s worked on a handful of murals since, including two in South Sioux City.
For this piece, he says he wanted to make sure he was illustrating something that represented Mexican and Sioux City culture.
“Part of what I am is Mexico, and part of what I am is also me living here and the culture that I share,” said Manzanares. “So I wanted to know, what is in Sioux City that also shares culture that was originated somewhere else but today is part of Sioux City.”
In order to achieve this goal, David decided to paint dancers from Estrellas de Jalisco, a local dance group specializing in traditional Mexican dance styles. He says it’s important to showcase and promote the culture and diversity in the tri-state area.
“It’s part of what is also Sioux City,” said Manzanares. “It’s part of Iowa and Nebraska. Sometimes people say like, it’s just one, like, maybe it looks all white. It’s not true! Like, it’s so colorful. It’s full of culture, it’s full of things, and that’s part of what also the mural is showing.”
David expects the mural will be fully completed by the end of National Hispanic Heritage Month on October 15th.
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