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ROCKFORD (WREX) – With the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, WREX brings you the first of many noteworthy groups shaping our communities. 
Mosaico Cultural founder Liz Hernandez tells us, “I wanted to do something for the kids in the community, since I was little I’ve been dancing and I’m like you know what, I’m going to start a dance group, folklorico.
Brainchild Liz Hernandez started Moscaico Cultural over seven years ago, giving kids the chance to learn traditional Mexican folk dances.
When we dance, we tell a story and it keeps the culture going, a lot of the kids they don’t know where they came from or they do know where they came from but they don’t know the story, the background, or what is it, so I feel like even the dance keeps it alive, it keeps the culture alive, the traditions,” says Liz Hernandez.
Starting off with only three girls and now with 22, Liz continues to instill the importance of Mexican customs.
Danelys Manriquez started out with the group over seven years ago. She says, “this is really important to me because not a lot of people appreciate the Mexican heritage and the culture for us.” 
But not all dances originate from the same place in Mexico. 
Liz explains, “Every state has unique dances and dresses so they all tell a different story so not specifically just Mexico.” 
Mosaico Cultural put on a show with dances and dresses from the states of Veracruz, Sinaloa, and Jalisco.
The organization hopes to take in adults in the near future and as well as having additional dance classes for Merengue, Cumbia, and Bachata.
Multimedia Journalist
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