From breakfast to dinner, to even drinks and desserts, avocados are essential to celebrate Mexico's culture
MONTREAL, April 27, 2022 /CNW/ – Cinco de Mayo is one of the biggest day of avocados consumption in Canada, making it a great excuse to mash up some Avocados From Mexico, mix a Bloody Caesar, and kick back at home with friends and family. Celebrated across the country, there is no better time to come together in the name of food, fun and Mexican culture than Cinco de Mayo, doing so by enjoying Mexican food and drinks that include its healthy and tasty iconic fruit – the avocado.
Whether people are going out or staying home with loved ones, guacamole, chips and salsa are the top ways to celebrate this holiday. Although guacamoles are the way to go during this celebration, there is so much variety and possible ways to enjoy and share the love of avocados from Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is the perfect moment to discover and try new Mexican dishes in an effort to be fully immersed and properly celebrate the occasion.
Avocados being extremely versatile, whether they are eaten whole, mashed, sliced or diced, they can be used as a substitute for foods higher in trans and saturated fat with only 80 calories contributing to nearly 20 vitamins and minerals to the diet. Not only are they good for taste buds, but also for the gut.
Here are 4 fun, versatile and mouth-watering Mexican dishes featuring the Cinco de Mayo must-have – Avocados From Mexico.
Our new favourite essential – this black bean and tomato guacamole is a crowd pleaser. Mix it with cheesy quesadillas for an extra softness and people will be coming back for more.
Who said jalapeno and avocados weren't a match? This perfect duo is great for any gatherings with friends and family to give a little spicy kick to every potluck.
Add a fun twist to a regular Bloody Caesar with a touch of avocados on top. Great to ease up the spice after a sip of this classic drink.
Avocados make for a great fat substitute, even in the making of desserts, adding moisture, nutrients and healthy fat to baked goods. Discover this guilt-free creamy and tasty cupcake for everyone.
These recipes are proof that there are no excuses not to enjoy the freshness of avocados this Cinco de Mayo. Go out and do something different by getting together with friends to eat, drink and have a great time. Raise your avocados to Mexican culture! ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Avocados From Mexico exemplifies the positivity and dynamism attributed to avocados. Throughout the growing, packing and distribution processes, the brand stays loyal to its goal of offering good food that will be happily enjoyed in good company. Mexicanity is the emotion and energy associated with making guacamole and other delicious recipes. It's also the parties and special occasions that bring family and friends together in the spirit of celebration, sharing and joy.
SOURCE Avocados from Mexico
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