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The Iconoclast Dinner Experience’s latest event seeks to explore cultural topics while highlighting local culinary professionals.
The IDE Impolite Conversation podcast is a weekly podcast exploring culture, race and societal issues through the lens of culture critics, industry experts and writers. It’s part of The Iconoclast Dinner Experience (“IDE”) — an organization that programs celebrations, dinners and curated conversations through food.
Tonight (September 12), IDE is hosting its 13 Million Acres event at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms.
The dinner will feature sourcing from African-American and Mexican-American owned and operated farms in Detroit and Washtenaw County. Natalie Baszile will join the event as the Honorary Chair.
“We use food as an accessible entry point to explore more nuanced and complex cultural topics.” — Dr. Lezli Levene Harvell, podcast creator and curator
Dr. Lezli Levene Harvell is the creator and curator of The Iconoclast Dinner Experience. She says the program is a conversation, experience and dinner that starts a conversation about cultural topics people may not have explored before.
“We really create thoughtful programing and high-touch culinary experiences that make people think about things that they maybe haven’t thought of before,” says Dr. Harvell. “We use food as an accessible entry point to explore more nuanced and complex cultural topics.”
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