There's a new movement aimed at changing the name of the Mexican dish Gorditas because, according to some critics, the term is discriminatory.
A Gordita is a fried Mexican corn cake made from masa and stuffed with various ingredients such as meat, chicken, beans, and cheese.
According to some critics, the word Gordita, which happens to be the feminine form of the word for "chubby girl," is discriminatory and should be changed.
New name change considerations include Masa con Relleno or "dough with filling" and Masa Frita or "fried dough" – It doesn't quite sound the same, does it? 
Here's the thing: the Spanish language has so many nuances and meanings, and assuming the name of a food item is directly linked to a person's size is ludicrous.
Firstly, Latinos are notorious for using the terms like Gordo or Gordita as a term of endearment, no matter your size.
Secondly, the masa pockets full of delicious goodness have been named Gorditas forever and a day. And yes, if you eat too many over the years, you, too, will become Gordita or Gordito.
Social media needs to calm down and stop being so hypersensitive; we have other things to worry about than thinking the name of a dish is offensive to a person. It's as if saying that the name burrito is offensive to (burros) donkeys. Just stop.
And really, as a big girl myself, if being a Gordita means you think I'm a delicious pocket full of yum, then so be it, and please don't forget to top me off with extra cheese and spicy salsa. (lol)
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