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The first-time-ever meeting of chefs and scholars will take place in Houston
HOUSTON, TX — (EINPresswire) — Organizers announced three of the ten chefs who will be invited from across Texas to gather in Houston in May 2023, for the first-time-ever meeting of chefs with scholars. The focus will be to cook Comida Casera, the home-style cooking of native Texas Mexican American families.
Adán Medrano, project director, confirmed that a total of ten Texas chefs will be invited. “By cooking and tasting their various dishes, both scholars and chefs will explore the oral histories and flavor profile of Texas Mexican Food,” says Medrano
One of the three announced chefs is Sylvia Casares, Houston, chef/owner of two Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen restaurants. Chef Casares was honored by USA Today when her restaurants were acclaimed as “Top 10 great Mexican restaurants across the USA.”
Also invited is Vianney Rodriguez, Port Aransas, chef, and food writer who has authored two cookbooks, develop recipes, and writes about south Texas cuisine. Chef Rodriguez was recently named “Southern Living Cook Of The Year” by Southern Living Magazine.
The third announced chef is Victoria Elizondo, Houston, Chef/Owner of Cochinita & Co. Chef Elizondo received new acclaim when her restaurant was selected and ranked by the Houston Chronicle food critics as one of “The Top 25 Best Restaurants of 2022.”
Over two days, the invited chefs will cook specialty Texas Mexican dishes and interact with humanities scholars in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, history, and Mexican American studies. The “Encuentro” will conclude with an interactive media session to which the public will be invited to attend.
The City of Houston, Mayor’s Office of Special Events, is co-sponsoring the cooking extravaganza which has received a major grant from Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of The National Endowment for the Humanities. “Encuentro” is organized by The Texas Indigenous Food Project, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 Texas corporation.
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