The organization is hosting Taco Fiesta on Sept. 22, to showcase the city’s Latinx businesses and business owners and honor Hispanic Heritage Month.
At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, merchants in South Philadelphia — many of which of Mexican and Latinx descent — banded together to support each other during a very challenging period of time.
The group later became known as the Association of Mexican Business Owners of Philadelphia (AMBOP). 
Just over two years after its formation, the Association has skyrocketed, growing from 12 merchants to now representing over 50 Mexican-owned businesses in Philadelphia as an official nonprofit. 
With the formalization of its nonprofit status, the Board for the Association came up with the idea of putting together an event to celebrate the accomplishment. 
“I suggested to the Board about the idea of doing something for the community that provides them an opportunity to showcase their services like never before,” said Héctor Herrada Rangel, board chair for the Association of Mexican Business Owners of Philadelphia, in an interview with AL DÍA.
That idea developed to become the AMBOP’s inaugural fundraising event, Taco Fiesta, to be held later this month as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. 
Herrada Rangel said the name “Taco Fiesta” was selected because tacos are the main dish of Mexico. However, he noted that Mexican cuisine offers far more than just tacos.

Taco Fiesta will be both a culinary and cultural experience for attendees, as they will get opportunities to try signature tacos made by member restaurant owners, and meet with other members of the Mexican and Latinx community in Philly. 
“It will be a great opportunity for the people to have this experience and get to know all these restaurants that helped form this organization,” said Erick Barragán, a board member of the Association. 
Eight restaurants will be participating at this inaugural event. They are: 
In addition to the restaurants, the event will also feature networking opportunities, music, live entertainment and vendors.
Reed Flowers will serve as the decor sponsor; Philatinos Radio will be the DJ sponsor; Julieta Zavala is the performance sponsor; while Cholo Arte and Artesania Mundo de Queen will each have handcrafts for sale. 
The sold out event will be strategically held at the Bok in South Philly, an area near which a majority of the businesses represented by the Association both work and live. 

“Bok is becoming a hub in the neighborhood for the community,” said Herrada Rangel. 
Barragán noted that the event will also serve as a magnification of the economic impact that the Mexican, and Latinx communities, have in Philadelphia, as nearly 240,000 Latinos live in the city. 
“We want to give a representation of the people who are working here and have businesses here in Philadelphia so their needs and their potential is shown,” he said. 
The attendees of the event will vary from members of organizations that have been key supporters, such as The Welcoming Center and Puentes de Salud, to elected officials, City workers, community members and and many others.
“We are looking forward to seeing the results,” said Barragán. “Right now we have the responsibility to deliver to the people an amazing event.”
Beyond showcasing the businesses and work of the Mexican and Latinx community, the event will also be key in helping raise money for the organization so that more support can be provided and more events can take place in the future. 
“We are a great team, but we also have limited resources,” said Herrada Rangel.
All proceeds will go toward fulfilling the organization’s mission of supporting Mexican and Latinx businesses, and equipping them with skills and resources to better foster economic development in Philadelphia and beyond. 
To learn more about the Association of Mexican Business Owners of Philadelphia, you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
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