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Orale Tacos Mexican Grill opened this week on Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township, across from Highland High School. Delicious Mexican Food featuring authentic in-house made tortillas and so much more!
I stopped in yesterday and caught up with Chef and part-owner Jorge who really went out of his way to provide me an amazing food sampling of his delicious creations!
Keep scrolling down to see photos of all the amazing creations! This is one of of my deeper menu dives that I am sharing with readers!
Their menu is online but seriously since you are here at this article… check out the photos below!
I always say the best part of researching and writing the 42Freeway website are the awesome people I get to meet… and Jorge Reyes truly is one of them. A kind and good hearted soul, eager to make delicious food for the community.
It was just a month ago that I let readers know Orale Tacos was coming. In that post I mentioned how I walked into the back kitchen area (before they were open) and was not only met with big smiles from everyone there, they handed me a refreshing beverage on a very hot day.
At that time Chef Jorge and staff were working on interior décor touches’ to convert the space from it’s prior life as a seafood restaurant (Keep it Shrimple) into a Mexican themed experience.
And they’ve done a great job changing up the wall coverings, paint and more to take bring you a bit of Mexico into the eatery.
The end result is a casual and authentic looking Mexican restaurant décor, with food that will make you feel like you are sitting in a Guadalajara city local eatery.
Keep scrolling down because I tried a LOT of food from their menu, and I share my experience and photos.
Jorge has worked in some of Philadelphia’s most well known restaurants in the genre, including El Vez and Cuba Libra…. so you have to expect great things from the food. And the Chef and staff deliver!
Orale Tacos Mexican Grill is a BYOB restaurant and they are working on a program for them to have margarita “fixings” for BYOT (Bring-your-own-tequila) margaritas. Reach out to Orale for details.
They are closed on Mondays. Check their website or Facebook page for the latest.
They also offer ordering via Doordash, Grubhub, and Menufy
Orale Tacos is also hiring! Like most restaurants in the area it’s a big challenge to find staff. So if you are interested, stop in.
Previously this location was home to “Keep it Shrimple” which opened in 2021 but closed earlier in 2022.
Appetizers, entrees, desserts… I tried something across the board.
And straight up… everything was authentic and delicious!
Chef Jorge says he is offering authentic Mexican cuisine prepared in traditional styles. He even imported a tortilla maker so that they can make them all in-house! That truly is authentic and fresh.
But he is also adding in some modern touches that everyone will also appreciate.
So I got a full sampling from the entire menu at Orale Tacos Mexican Grill.. and honestly if you are there on a date or even a group of four it wouldn’t be a bad idea just to follow my list straight on down the line. Maybe add in some tacos or soup?
I started off with an appetizer of Flautitas de Pollo. This is a rolled crispy taco filled with chicken, tinga, crema, guaca-salsa, queso fresco and lettuce. Absolutely delicious!
And they looked as a beautiful as they tasted! Or is that.. the they tasted as good as they looked! Well that really is a common theme with their food!
Shrimp Gringa Quesadillas were up next. Made from house-made flour tortillas they include achiote marinated citrus shrimp, queso mixto and roasted pineapple!!! This really took my mind to a beach in Cancun!
And things were just getting started!
Up next was Crab & Shrimp Salpicon! Another beautiful dish… very “Instagrammable” ha!
This really is an amazing looking dish, and just full of flavors from the fresh crab, delicious shrimp… nestled in an avocado puree, aji amarillo sauce… and tomatoes and cilantro to round it out.
Still in the warm-up stage up next was empanadas!
Empanadas de la Abuela to be precise which includes one each of chicken, picadillo (beef) and hongos (mushrooms)
Each of the three varieties have their own distinct recipe. Chicken features corn and hack cheese. Piccadillo offers tomato, onions and potatoes to the ground beef. Hongos is wild mushrooms, onions an oaxaca cheese
And for the big event entrée at my visit to Orale Tacos Mexican Grill? Arrachera!
This is a grilled skirt steak served atop chipotle mash potatoes, grilled asparagus and topped with wild mushrooms with chimichurri sauce.
The steak was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Asparagus was had that snap of crispiness that you’d expect. And the chipotle mashed potatoes…
Wow. It really was an amazing entree.
So as you’d imagine I am incredibly stuffed at this point.
But of course Orales and the team create amazing desserts also!
Not just one dessert… TWO!
Vanilla Flan and Pan De Elote de Santiago!
The Vanilla Flan looks like it was brought to me from the pages of a food magazine.
If you’ve never had flan before, Orales Tacos is the place to try it. Perfectly created baked custard topped with a caramel cream sauce.
Pan de Elote de Santiago is a corn cake with vanilla ice cream. The came was delicious and unique as it has a denser texture to it! Sweet and delicious.
It’s would be worth it to stop in to Orale Taco just for the desserts, ha! But yeah you also have to try the amazing appetizers, entrees and more!
I really can’t say enough about my experience at Orale Tacos.
From the decor to the food, and of course Jorge and his excellent staff.
Thank you for the awesome meal and experience
Orale Tacos Mexican Grill
1669 Blackwood Clementon Rd
Blackwood, NJ 08012

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