RAYVILLE, La. (KNOE) – There are some cuisines that require that special touch from someone who knows the flavors, and Tex-Mex food is one of those. La Fogata in Rayville knows how to do just that and keeps the customers coming back.
It has been around since 2017 and customers love it. According to the manager, Marcos Villegas, it was different when they first opened.
“The first year, it was really hard because a lot of people are here in town, they don’t know me,” said Villegas.
The COVID-19 pandemic offered them a chance to show people what they could do.
“When we were ready to open after COVID, me and my wife cooking in the kitchen, it’s only me and her for maybe a year,” Villegas explained. “We got a lot of people after that for Cinco de Mayo, and we’re still doing three years, almost three years straight.”
The food here is amazing, for starters. The salsa has an amazing smoky flavor. I got the Molcahete, which has a variety of meat served in a volcanic stone bowl, and it is a good amount of food.
There are many other options to choose from as well, like the shrimp cocktail, and the Carne Asada.
Villegas knows Mexican flavors, being that he came to the United States in 1994 from a town near Mexico City with just his determination.
“There’s a lot of people, 200 people, and there’s a big line waiting for service. I come in and asked the owner, ‘Hey, you need help? I can maybe come.’ And he asked me, ‘What you can do?’ I said ‘Nothing, but if you can show me, I can learn anything,’” said Villegas. “This is what I love. This is what I do.”
Head to La Fogata to grab a dish with some spice, and a tasty drink to feed your soul.
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