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With a career spanning three decades, Mexican pop star Thalia has no intention of slowing down. She just released a new, ear-and-eye-catching single, “Psycho B—h.” But despite the unusual title, she says the song has a simple and positive message.
“Have fun, enjoy life and be yourself,” Thalia, who’s been called the queen of Latin pop, told TODAY during a sit down interview in New York.
Thalia co-wrote “Psycho B—h,” which she described as an “electronic pop feel with a little nostalgic drop of disco.”
In the song she sings in Spanish, “Te lo advertí/Soy un poco impredecible/Medio psycho b—h,” which translates to, “I warned you/I’m a bit unpredictable/A little psycho b—-h.”
Thalia explained that someone may be called a “psycho b—-h” when they step out of their “cookie cutter” self.
“If you’re not (like that) then… You’re the crazy one,” she said, adding that in reality, the person is just expressing themselves. “We have a little side that sometimes comes when somebody pushes your buttons, or when it’s a nice party and you’re the one that jumps on top of the table and they start recording you. That’s authenticity.”
Thalia was also the creative director for the single’s music video. She drew inspiration from the music video for her 1995 song, “Gracias a Dios,” incorporating the aesthetics of the ‘70s and ‘80s with the stage lights, disco balls and leather wardrobe. 
The song is in Spanish, but she says the language barrier doesn’t affect her ability to reach an international audience.
“Music is music. And if you feel it — that’s it. That is the key ingredient,” Thalia said.
“Right now, music has no divisions…Starting with Bad Bunny, the No. 1 artist in the world singing in Spanish all his songs.”
She added, “As a musician, you have to be loyal to who you are and we are in constant evolution. We wake up and every day is a fresh new start.”
“If I wake up and I’m feeling salsa or if I’m feeling electric dance, like with this single, then let’s do it. Why not? Who is saying that you have to do the same thing all the time? Nobody but you,” Thalia said.
Thalia, 51, has worn many hats since the start of her career in the 1980s. She is not only a singer but also an actress, author and entrepreneur. 
“I feel blessed. I feel that it’s been such an incredible journey,” she said. “If I had so many chapters in the book of my life, it’s like an encyclopedia. So many Thalia’s, so many stories.”
“I thank myself too for being strong and for never giving up or quitting my dreams,” she said of her continued longevity and success. “It’s very important to reflect on yourself and give yourself a pat in the back because no one is going to do it but yourself.”
As she has grown as an artist, Thalia says she also learned she can’t always say yes to everything.
“I never said no…I always wanted to prove that I (could) do it. It took years… to understand that ‘no’ is the most amazing word that exists,” she said. “‘No’ is a treasure, it’s a gift. And when you say yes to other people you say no to you.” 
“No” allowed her to dedicate more time to herself, her husband of 22 years, music executive Tommy Mottola, and their two kids, Sabrina Sakaë Mottola Sodi and Matthew Alejandro Mottola Sodi.
But the multifaceted star doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. In fact, Thalia is headed to the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards where she will be co-hosting the show alongside Luis Fonsi, Anitta, and Laura Pausini. The Latin Grammy Awards air on Thursday, Nov. 17 live from Las Vegas.
Creating is what keeps Thalia going strong. After decades in the “vortex of the entertainment industry,” as she calls it, she continues to move her career goalposts — each time, aiming for new heights and new passion projects.
“That would be so boring. Just like, sitting down and saying, ‘Yeah, that’s it, I made it. That’s it. No,’ Thalia said. 
She feels just as inspired as she did when she began her career in the 1980s. 
“Reinvent yourself. Life is about creating plans, (it’s about) creating a new map of opportunities for yourself.”


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