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The solution to the puzzle will only reveal itself if you look at the painting from top to bottom.
Optical illusions improve our sharpness. They not only make for a great pastime but are also an intelligent form of entertainment. Some optical illusions are gateways to our personality and others test our senses, observation skills and IQ.
No matter how hard it is to find the hidden component in an optical illusion, people love to give it their all. Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo’s painting called Don Quixote makes for one of the best optical illusions.
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While the painting features one face in focus, the face itself and the background feature multiple smaller faces that make up the painting. The painting features a total of 15 faces that need to be found within 20 seconds otherwise, you wouldn’t pass the optical illusion test. The aim is to check your observation skills and speed. However, failing to find all 15 doesn’t mean you don’t have a good IQ.
The solution to the puzzle will only reveal itself if you look at the painting from top to bottom. Starting from the sky and going all the way through the windmill and then the ground, you’ll be able to figure out all the faces.
The big face in the middle of the painting features three other faces – 2 of the dukes and 1 of the horse. The ground features 7 faces, the sky features 2 and the bottom of the picture contains two faces that make up the body of the huge face.
Solving any optical illusion can be challenging but the sheer number of faces and their placement make it a task to find all of them within the time limit. Were you able to complete the challenge?
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