Sensitive to Art & its Discontents
The University of New Mexico (UNM) Department of Art: Studio, History and Education highlights art’s role in fostering adaptation, resiliency, and health at all scales during times of transformation. The department recently announced several accomplishments that support regenerative culture, including efforts to research and sustain diverse artistic frameworks and decolonial narratives.
The new Confluence MFA concentration is a 26-month curriculum with residency sites in the Americas. It offers generous scholarship support and allows students to live anywhere in the world while working on their graduate degree. Field-based residencies provide an immersive pedagogy that supports a range of interdisciplinary art practices. This concentration augments UNM’s in-residency MFA, a three-year interdisciplinary program with strong area specializations. Graduates in these programs work with renowned faculty and are part of a diverse student body in a minority-serving institution.
Some of the many initiatives within UNM addressing the challenges of the 21st century include:
Art History Associate Professor Kency Cornejo received funding from the Mellon Foundation Crossing Latinidades Humanities Research Initiative for a project that sets foundations for new methodologies and theories in Latinx humanities, grounded in art history and centering on Black, Indigenous, and Femininist Latinx creatives. Funding also supports graduate student research.
Artist Agnes Chavez will address developing empathy as an approach to humanitarian and environmental crises this month as the keynote speaker for Re-imagine, Recommit, Reconnect, Renew, the New Mexico Art Education Association conference hosted by the UNM Art Education area.
The Art and Ecology area recently celebrated alum Kaitlin Bryson, who received an Anonymous Was a Woman/New York Foundation for the Arts award for her project Bellow Forth, a multispecies, multidisciplinary community project located in the American Southwest, focused on restoring soil health and environmental resiliency through art, ecosystem science, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Collaborators include Beata Tsosie-Peña and UNM alum Dylan McLaughlin.
MFA student Alexandria Zuniga de Dóchas and Art History PhD student Jackson Larson exhibited a Library, a Classroom, and the World with Professor Subhankar Banerjee and the Center of Environmental Arts and Humanities at European Cultural Center’s Personal Structures at the 2022 Venice Biennale.
Contact Kat Heatherington at art255@unm.edu for further information on graduate program information sessions to be held in November.
To learn more about the Confluence MFA concentration, visit art.unm.edu.
More than 22,000 artists applied for Creatives Rebuild New York’s initiative, the biggest in the country.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Lives of the Gods exhibition is the first major US show of Maya art in the last decade.
Field of Vision’s latest free streaming offering focuses on a vulnerable population put at risk, told through the stories of those inside.
Given Colorado Springs’s politics and hyper-conservatism, wouldn’t artists hesitate to make and perform work there?
The Colombian singer has come under scrutiny in the past for what some consider to be his appropriation of Afro-Caribbean musical traditions.
The 2022 Graduate Symposium: “Do-It-Yourself/Do-It-Ourselves” will explore DIY histories, practices, and counter-publics and their roles in fashioning culture.
Union members protested the unsatisfactory proposal presented by the museum after nearly a year of negotiations at play.
Project Art Distribution’s roving shows exuberantly defy the established art world order.
The collaborative paper- and printmaking workshop at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia publishes new works by resident artists.
This week, artist studios in Austin, Dublin, Long Island City, and Los Angeles.
Artist Jesse Krimes served six years in federal prison, creating artworks while incarcerated using the bare-bones materials at his disposal.
Join a studio-focused community of dedicated artists for rigorous full-time study in the fields of drawing, painting, and sculpture in 2023.
The All Night Movie recounts the artist’s experiences in New York’s art world of the 1970s and ’80s with a list of mostly bygone names and places.
The workers, who make up 87% of faculty at the school, are striking until “a reasonable contract” is reached.
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