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On this week’s show, we look at how different groups around the globe are preserving their cultural heritage. Indigenous embroiderers in Mexico are fighting back against the fast fashion industry they say has stolen their designs. A 400-year-old Italian opera has captivated Morocco, and the language you’ve never heard of still spoken on the Spanish-French border.
This week on World in Progress, we bring you three stories about cultural heritage. In Mexico, indigenous groups are standing up to fast fashion companies who have been accused cultural appropriation. The government has also stepped in.
Meanwhile, in Morocco, an unexpected cultural treasure has emerged. “Ormindo,” an opera by 17th-century composer Francesco Cavalli, is the only one of its kind to take place in Morocco. The performance has captivated the North African country.
Plus, the story of Aranese, the language you’ve probably never heard of. Villagers of Val d’Aran explain how they’ve kept their language alive and why its numbers are dwindling.
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