Las Vegas, Nevada, hosted the 23rd Latin Grammy Awards on Thursday night. Spanish singer Rosalía took home the most important award of the night (best album), and Uruguayan singer Jorge Drexler won the most awards, taking home six.
Mexican artists also received their share of awards. Marco Antonio Solís, known as El Buki, was recognized as Person of the Year owing to his “talent and perseverance,” and to his globally recognized songs.
“What can I say? My heart is filled with gratitude […] ¡Viva México!” El Buki said after accepting the prize.
Mexican Silvana Estrada, 25, also took home the Best New Artist Award, which she shared with Ángela Álvarez, a 95 year-0ld Cuban artist who fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a singer.
The category of Best Regional Mexican song was given to Edgar Barrera, Matisse and Carin León for the track “Como lo hice yo.”
Among the Mexican artists that performed, Christian Nodal sang alongside Christina Aguilera, pop star Thalia sang one of Marco Antonio Solís’s songs with Luis Fonsi and Laura Pausini and Ángela Aguilar, famous for bringing Regional Mexican Music to youth, also performed the song “En realidad“.
Finally, Chiquis Rivera, daughter of the late Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, performed along Banda Los Recoditos.
With reports from CNN and Infobae
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“Muxes,” a new documentary about the muxe community in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec region of Oaxaca, began streaming Thursday on HBO Max.
Tenoch Huerta co-stars in the sequel to “Black Panther,” which draws inspiration from Mexican culture and features several Mexican actors.
In Huaquechula, Joseph Sorrentino found this unusual tradition where residents come downtown to barter for their Día de Muertos altar items.
En Breve: Quick read on the fashion event whose mission is to combat cultural appropriation and showcase indigenous artistry.
The agency doubled the number of U.S. Foreign Service personnel to meet the backlog of visa applications and conduct in-person interviews. 
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The protesters demanded that the Mexico City government formulate a policy that guarantees citizens’ right to adequate housing.
The heads of state discussed coordinating state and federal authorities regarding migration policy at the borders with Guatemala and Belize.
The canine “turtle egg rescue agent” trained herself to dig out their nests and wait for humans to transport them to safety.
With few municipal resources available, foreigners have stepped up and formed rescue and nonprofit animal groups in states across the nation.
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